Women Who Wear A Size 12 Like Fashionable Shoes Too!



My foot size has always been a struggle for me, I wear a 12, 12.5 sometimes even a 13 depending on the making of the shoe. There has always been this gap in the shoe market, where the cutest shoes are in the smallest sizes and extended sizes are always left with the not so good looking pair of shoes.

Not being able to get cute shoes because they don’t run in my size & years of having to squeeze my foot in the smaller sizes because all the bigger sizes were not as cute, is OVER for me! I must say the change for me started when I actually did some research.  Places like Torrid gave your girl some hope.

 Now that I have a list of go-to places for fashionable shoes in extended sizes, I felt that it was only right that I share with all you Queens!

SMASH SHOES: I made my first purchase and I must say I have no regrets. I actually got the Knee high boots and wore them for New Years and it was perfect! It just gives your look the extra boost. The fact they have it available in up to a size 14 is so clutch and convenient for us ladies who struggle with finding cute high heels.


You definitely get what you pay for! Even the box it comes in is super cute, and if I had to rate this company I would give it 5 STARS!




Nordstrom rack


 Hope this helped you all!  And if you know of any websites please feel free to share and comment below.

#Queensknow a good pair of shoes is essential for any look!


Goodbye October


A new post to end the month of October I really appreciate all the positive feedback I have been receiving from you all! For every like, repost and comment Thank you, Queens! October was good but November is going to be even better,I have some many things on the way, for those of you who have just started following me. The hashtag you see appear under every post is also a clothing line . QueensKnow is a lifestyle brand created for every day Women and catered to all sizes, started by yours truly :).

Here is a look I put together. I absolute love this top I got from Forever 21, and they have it in different colors too,  ladies.


Cozy & Very Cute!

Ripped Jean: Roamans

Boots: I honestly can’t remember because I got them so long but I wear a size 12.5/ 13 and here’s where I shop for my boots.


Go Check out the Website: Queensknow.com


Here is Actress Shaquana “Jessica from Money & Violence” Peters rocking her Queensknow “Mesh Jersey T-shirt” beside Singer, Song Writer, & Model Justine Skye .


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Show me the Greennnnn!

Tis the season for fall….& a perfect way to bring it in with green, aahaha little word play there. But if you don’t already know my go-to fall color is olive green and any shade of green close to it.


Creating a monochromatic outfit was my goal for this look. I put together this look for a casual but cute weekend.  Army fatigue is in style right now and it helps that it has green in the pattern.



Of course, this is only my opinion but I’d say most Queens would agree …


Army Fatigue


Maroon anything

Fedora Hats (like the one in this picture)

Bomber Jacket

Long cardigans

Boots –Preferably knee high….it just gives me so much life, I feel like cat women.

Monochromatic outfits- find your favorite fall color and dress in all one color or different shades of the color like I did.


I hope you like this blog post Queens , I’ve wanted to do this look for a while especially since hearing people say plus-size women should stay away from monochromatic outfits. That just gave me more ammo to put together this post. Not just for you all but for myself and for so many other reasons. I hope to see more of you Queens try out a similar look  with your favorite fall color and post it on your social media. I think it is important to remind the world beauty is everywhere and it doesn’t look one way but that it is in many forms. Confidence has no size ladies so don’t let what people say or do be the reason you don’t let yourself be GREAT!

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Website: Queensknow.com

Guess Who’s Back ….And Ready For Fall! 


Dress: I got my dress from Modlook29, a modern lifestyle-retail boutique located in Westwood Los Angeles. If you’re not in LA don’t worry they have an online webstore but the online store doesn’t have extended sizes 😦 . I would say if you’re in LA and happen to be shopping they do hold larger sizes in store but I wrote this blog not only to give you outfit details but in hopes that they would begin to carry larger sizes (in general) after seeing this blog.  Supply and demand , demand and they will supply at least I hope  :). But also they have super cute accessories, eyewear and hats, which is where I got  the hat I am wearing in the photo.






Jacket: Forever 21 (My go to shopping place for plus size clothing) funny thing about this jacket is that it’s from the men’s section of forever 21. Now I know what your thinking ..why would I go to the men section if there is a plus size section. Well when I got this leather jacket (back in college 3 years ago) the plus size section at forever 21 was just getting started and it was only at a select few Forever 21 locations. Lucky I lived in jersey at the time because boston definitely didn’t have it.  So the location that did have a plus size section had a very small section so you could imagine how quickly things like a “leather jackets” sold out.

Sidenote; I am not only plus size but I am also tall 6’1 for those of you who don’t know.  So although the jacket may have fit, ( when I finally found it) the length on my arms was way too short and the only way I could get with the length on my arms to fit was to go 2 sizes up.  The struggle was real, but where there is a WILL there is a WAY.  

The Forever 21 today is a lot different from the time I got the jacket and I’m so happy they have.  A majority if not all their stores have a plus size section with much greater variety of super cute stuff!




Shoes: Nordstrom rack in LA has my heart! Let’s talk about how there shoes run up to size 14 and they have great deals!!  I recently found out they have a Nordstrom rack on Newbury Street in Boston so I will be checking that one out soon but The one in LA had so many options I can’t begin to tell you. Anytime I’m in LA I have to stop by.  Online store is good too  but I don’t know about you but I love to try on my shoes before purchasing.

NordstormRack Shoes

Socks: American Apparel

American Apparel



If you don’t have the dress or can’t find it you can also try this look with a skater skirt and the same color top for a dress appearance. #QueensKnow

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Photographer: Adrieanna Lee Instagram page @adrieanna.lee.

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New Years Eve 

  Today is a day of reflection for most with the New Year a few hours away..

I will share mine.

I planned my 2015 just like how everyone else is planning now for 2016 new this new that … But let me tell you with the new came the bad and even though I didn’t plan for it … I realize now it wasn’t in my hands and it never really has been in my hands. Sometimes I forget that. I nearly lost one of my best friends, my mentor and my older brother towards the end of this year, defintely the hardest and scariest of times for my family & I. But it made me reflect on what matters to me the most and how much time I actually give to the things that “matter”. I know now that I can’t get so consumed in other things that I miss out on what’s actually happening in front of me. Like planning so much for the future that I forget to embrace the present. 

Difficult times make you realize what, is truly important. This year alone was just a lot for me, but I would have never known my strength if I hadn’t gone through what I have …. This year I want to bring the New Year keeping in mind that 2016 will not just be good in order for me to grow, I am taking the good the ugly the bad the failures and successes!

I say this just to let you know that whatever you plan for your New Year just make sure it includes to love the people around you who MATTER the most. LOVE them more, be THERE more, GIVE more, DREAM more, LAUGH more, and PRAY more.. I know I will. #QueensKnow 

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!  

Queens Talk on SlutWalk Movement

Slutwalk – Queentalk

This past weekend Amber Rose held a protest/parade to support her movement SlutWalk, I have nothing against Amber Rose so please do not misread what I am about to say.

• As I was watched clips from the parade/protest I saw a woman who has been battered in the media, by the men she loved and people who still see she her as a stripper. Clearly still hurt by those things she tearfully said she forgave West for saying he needed “30 showers” after being with her and Khalifa for calling her nothing but a stripper and I think that was big of her.

• You see the title and could initially by turned off by the whole thing; some people thought it was just a walk for sluts.

• I actually checkout the website and read about the movement. I think what Amber trying to do is positive…. “We join the movement on this cause against sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling and gender inequality,” from her website.

• A Lot of people didn’t get that by just reading the title and I think that’s where the problem lies. Not with the movement but the definition of the word slut and how it is used to title the movement.

“Slut: a woman who has many casual sexual partners or a woman with low standards of cleanliness.” That is the definition that came up on Google.

…Then I looked for synonyms of the word: promiscuous woman, prostitute, and whore

floozy, tramp, hooker, hustler; tart, scarlet woman, loose woman, hussy, trollop;
Slut is used to describe a woman, not a child, or a little girl ..

• The need to emphasize on woman here is important because you have young girls who are not even fully formed that considered themselves women, so when you say we as women can do what we want with our bodies , are you excluding the 13 years old girl who thinks she is a woman? Here is where the confusion lies…I ask myself where are the Maya Angelou’s of this generation…because she was raped by her mothers boyfriend at the age of 8 ? Did that make her a woman? And I don’t think she’s has ever been referred to as a slut.
If that is what you stand for then kudus to you! But if you think we are going to get anywhere with men, society, children or ourselves by accepting names like Sluts or wearing a shirt that says slut to get your point across. I strongly disagree.

I am a strong believer in your thoughts attract the things around you. That includes how you see yourself; do you see yourself as A Queen or A Slut? Why is it that we rather be subjective to being called sluts, whore, dimes, bitches, and thots?

If someone calls you a slut should you agree and flaunt the DEROGATORY LABELS or should it even matter if you know you are a Queen.
This is why I stand by the QueensKnow movement, and clothing aspect if we can have shirts like bad bitchs link up or Sluts have feelings too then it’s only right we start holding down Queens too.



Yes if you haven’t heard…….the website is up !!

Now I thought about deleting my blog since Queensknow has its own website, but it was not as easy as I thought it would be, I have such a strong connection with my blog, I mean it was one of the things that gave birth to QueensKnow. I just couldn’t do it, which is why when you check out the website you will see that the blog is connected.

Which also means I will still continue to blog 🙂 
Have to admit I’m so surprised of the outcome and how many people who have been supportive on this journey. There’s so much more to come. I don’t want to say to much but just keep watching . 

Go check out the site !  http://www.queensknow.com