Queens Talk on SlutWalk Movement

Slutwalk – Queentalk

This past weekend Amber Rose held a protest/parade to support her movement SlutWalk, I have nothing against Amber Rose so please do not misread what I am about to say.

• As I was watched clips from the parade/protest I saw a woman who has been battered in the media, by the men she loved and people who still see she her as a stripper. Clearly still hurt by those things she tearfully said she forgave West for saying he needed “30 showers” after being with her and Khalifa for calling her nothing but a stripper and I think that was big of her.

• You see the title and could initially by turned off by the whole thing; some people thought it was just a walk for sluts.

• I actually checkout the website and read about the movement. I think what Amber trying to do is positive…. “We join the movement on this cause against sexual injustice, victim blaming, derogatory labeling and gender inequality,” from her website.

• A Lot of people didn’t get that by just reading the title and I think that’s where the problem lies. Not with the movement but the definition of the word slut and how it is used to title the movement.

“Slut: a woman who has many casual sexual partners or a woman with low standards of cleanliness.” That is the definition that came up on Google.

…Then I looked for synonyms of the word: promiscuous woman, prostitute, and whore

floozy, tramp, hooker, hustler; tart, scarlet woman, loose woman, hussy, trollop;
Slut is used to describe a woman, not a child, or a little girl ..

• The need to emphasize on woman here is important because you have young girls who are not even fully formed that considered themselves women, so when you say we as women can do what we want with our bodies , are you excluding the 13 years old girl who thinks she is a woman? Here is where the confusion lies…I ask myself where are the Maya Angelou’s of this generation…because she was raped by her mothers boyfriend at the age of 8 ? Did that make her a woman? And I don’t think she’s has ever been referred to as a slut.
If that is what you stand for then kudus to you! But if you think we are going to get anywhere with men, society, children or ourselves by accepting names like Sluts or wearing a shirt that says slut to get your point across. I strongly disagree.

I am a strong believer in your thoughts attract the things around you. That includes how you see yourself; do you see yourself as A Queen or A Slut? Why is it that we rather be subjective to being called sluts, whore, dimes, bitches, and thots?

If someone calls you a slut should you agree and flaunt the DEROGATORY LABELS or should it even matter if you know you are a Queen.
This is why I stand by the QueensKnow movement, and clothing aspect if we can have shirts like bad bitchs link up or Sluts have feelings too then it’s only right we start holding down Queens too.



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