New Years Eve 

  Today is a day of reflection for most with the New Year a few hours away..

I will share mine.

I planned my 2015 just like how everyone else is planning now for 2016 new this new that … But let me tell you with the new came the bad and even though I didn’t plan for it … I realize now it wasn’t in my hands and it never really has been in my hands. Sometimes I forget that. I nearly lost one of my best friends, my mentor and my older brother towards the end of this year, defintely the hardest and scariest of times for my family & I. But it made me reflect on what matters to me the most and how much time I actually give to the things that “matter”. I know now that I can’t get so consumed in other things that I miss out on what’s actually happening in front of me. Like planning so much for the future that I forget to embrace the present. 

Difficult times make you realize what, is truly important. This year alone was just a lot for me, but I would have never known my strength if I hadn’t gone through what I have …. This year I want to bring the New Year keeping in mind that 2016 will not just be good in order for me to grow, I am taking the good the ugly the bad the failures and successes!

I say this just to let you know that whatever you plan for your New Year just make sure it includes to love the people around you who MATTER the most. LOVE them more, be THERE more, GIVE more, DREAM more, LAUGH more, and PRAY more.. I know I will. #QueensKnow 

Happy New Year’s Eve Everyone!  


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