Guess Who’s Back ….And Ready For Fall! 


Dress: I got my dress from Modlook29, a modern lifestyle-retail boutique located in Westwood Los Angeles. If you’re not in LA don’t worry they have an online webstore but the online store doesn’t have extended sizes 😦 . I would say if you’re in LA and happen to be shopping they do hold larger sizes in store but I wrote this blog not only to give you outfit details but in hopes that they would begin to carry larger sizes (in general) after seeing this blog.  Supply and demand , demand and they will supply at least I hope  :). But also they have super cute accessories, eyewear and hats, which is where I got  the hat I am wearing in the photo.






Jacket: Forever 21 (My go to shopping place for plus size clothing) funny thing about this jacket is that it’s from the men’s section of forever 21. Now I know what your thinking ..why would I go to the men section if there is a plus size section. Well when I got this leather jacket (back in college 3 years ago) the plus size section at forever 21 was just getting started and it was only at a select few Forever 21 locations. Lucky I lived in jersey at the time because boston definitely didn’t have it.  So the location that did have a plus size section had a very small section so you could imagine how quickly things like a “leather jackets” sold out.

Sidenote; I am not only plus size but I am also tall 6’1 for those of you who don’t know.  So although the jacket may have fit, ( when I finally found it) the length on my arms was way too short and the only way I could get with the length on my arms to fit was to go 2 sizes up.  The struggle was real, but where there is a WILL there is a WAY.  

The Forever 21 today is a lot different from the time I got the jacket and I’m so happy they have.  A majority if not all their stores have a plus size section with much greater variety of super cute stuff!




Shoes: Nordstrom rack in LA has my heart! Let’s talk about how there shoes run up to size 14 and they have great deals!!  I recently found out they have a Nordstrom rack on Newbury Street in Boston so I will be checking that one out soon but The one in LA had so many options I can’t begin to tell you. Anytime I’m in LA I have to stop by.  Online store is good too  but I don’t know about you but I love to try on my shoes before purchasing.

NordstormRack Shoes

Socks: American Apparel

American Apparel



If you don’t have the dress or can’t find it you can also try this look with a skater skirt and the same color top for a dress appearance. #QueensKnow

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Photographer: Adrieanna Lee Instagram page @adrieanna.lee.

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