Show me the Greennnnn!

Tis the season for fall….& a perfect way to bring it in with green, aahaha little word play there. But if you don’t already know my go-to fall color is olive green and any shade of green close to it.


Creating a monochromatic outfit was my goal for this look. I put together this look for a casual but cute weekend.  Army fatigue is in style right now and it helps that it has green in the pattern.



Of course, this is only my opinion but I’d say most Queens would agree …


Army Fatigue


Maroon anything

Fedora Hats (like the one in this picture)

Bomber Jacket

Long cardigans

Boots –Preferably knee high….it just gives me so much life, I feel like cat women.

Monochromatic outfits- find your favorite fall color and dress in all one color or different shades of the color like I did.


I hope you like this blog post Queens , I’ve wanted to do this look for a while especially since hearing people say plus-size women should stay away from monochromatic outfits. That just gave me more ammo to put together this post. Not just for you all but for myself and for so many other reasons. I hope to see more of you Queens try out a similar look  with your favorite fall color and post it on your social media. I think it is important to remind the world beauty is everywhere and it doesn’t look one way but that it is in many forms. Confidence has no size ladies so don’t let what people say or do be the reason you don’t let yourself be GREAT!

I’d love to see it, Hashtag or Tag us on Facebook or Instagram ( Queensknow) in your Look! I’ll be watching… #Queensknow




  1. tom · October 21, 2016

    Put it all todether perfectly

  2. pipedreamss · October 21, 2016

    you look gorgeous, and I love the boots!

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