3 Days Until …

QueensKnow Website is up & running … For those of you who have been reading and following up on QueensKnow we have a special giveaway that will be announced on Saturday as well. So mark your calendars ! 

Here’s one of the photos you will be seeing on the site, with shirts available for purchase. 



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Launch Event/Party Was A Great Success! 

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!  Every Single Person Who Came Out To Celebrate The Official Launch of QueenKnow, Especially My Friends Who Came All The Way From New Jersey & New York! 

I put a lot of time and effort into putting this show together.  So did everyone else who played a part in helping me. Love you guys.

I will only post a few images on here, as well as video footage from the show. 

 Video:Tailcoat Times -QueensKnow Launch Event   


To view more photos and videos check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page which I will list below.  I can honestly say I have no regrets you guys, I’m so proud of myself. For those of you wondering yes there were plenty of times where I wanted to give up, where things weren’t going right, where people who we’re suppose to be apart of the show canceled last minute, I mean like the day of the show people who were apart of the show not showing up. You name it, it probably happened but I pulled through. I know now without God and the people he has placed in my life I wouldn’t have been able to do it. So I am more then grateful. And want to let you know you can do anything absolutely ANYTHING you put your mind too.

What I really want to say to those of you who have been reading my blog from the very beginning, is thank you,  I love you all and Because you all have been reading and following since day 1,  I thought I would share it here with you first.

 I’m excited to say that my website will be up August 29th, 2015, I will incorporate my blog on the site and also that the apparel on the beautiful models will be available for purchase on the website. 
I hope you guys are excited as I am, I will be doing a giveaway before the actually website is up so make sure you follow us Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop.

SAVE THE DATE ! 8.1.2015

I am super excited to announce that the Offical Launch Event for Queens Know is SATURDAY AUGUST 1st, 2015. It’s been an idea for so long that it’s hard to believe everything is coming together. 

For those of you who have been reading my blog you have an idea of what Queens Know is but if your a new follower or reader you don’t want to miss this event. That will be held in my city, Boston !  

I will be sharing updates here on my blog as we get closer to the date , also don’t forget to follow the @QueensKnow page on Instagram.  
If you have any questions feel free to email us queensknow@gmail.com.


Feature QUEEN of the week! 


For those of you who think the plus size movement is a Joke, keep the laughs coming. The size 22 girl you probably bullied in high school is our feature Queen of the Week not because she’s a size 22 but because she’s a supermodel . Tess Holliday we love you for being the Queen you are and aspiring others to push the envelope. 
Front cover of people’s magazine !!

Just the beginning 👑💭💭💭

Given everything she’s been through in her life.She continued to push through, that’s what being a Queens about.
Be the best you, that you can be! 
Regardless of your color, shape, size or background. #QueensKnow


We present our very first feature Queen of the week. 

Marilyn Mosby

Her Queen Story 

Not only is she the youngest Chief Prosecutor in a major U.S city. 

Marilyn Mosby was raised by her single mother in Boston, where Queens Know is founded. #BostonStrong

Lost a 17 year old cousin to gun violence. 

And now advocating for change in Baltimore, charging the 6 cops in the case of Freddie Gray death. 

Her story gives hope for other queens to step up and be the change you want to see. I know a lot of Queens who can probably relate to her story. Use it as motivation to follow whatever dreams you may have. #QueensKnow #MarilynMosby #Baltimore 


Jessica Hariss, Thank You! 

This happened a few days ago and at first I wasn’t going to post it but I decided to anyway. Jessica Hariss is clearly a fake name but the person behind the name is real and clearly had negative thoughts on who I associate myself with, me & my blog. I realize that we are in a day and age where people hide behind keyboards. Where social media can be use to try to bring people down before lifting them up. But instead of replying back with a negative comment to this girl,  I will use this as an opportunity to let Jessica Hariss and anyone else who feels that I should stop my QueensKnow movement that I won’t ! That this is just the beginning, you asked what inspiration am I trying to advertise well, I’m not perfect, but that’s exactly what I want to be known that I don’t have to feel bad about not being perfect. That you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to dream less because someone else can’t see it, you don’t have to have an army of people behind you for the movement to work, just be true to yourself and everything else will follow, Jesus had just 12 disciples. That being Imperfect is what makes us Queens , that even when someone like you Jessica Harris doesn’t know me or my story decides to has a negative opinion, I will keep going and let that negative cogitation motivate me.   If the people I surround myself  with bother you then I’m sorry, but I am not sorry, if me wearing crop top bothers you well I’m sorry but I am not sorry! I am beautiful, I know that, so I won’t lose sleep over what was said, but I want to shed light on the bigger picture.  That even when your doing something positive people will find a reason to try and bring you down, but no matter what you keep going. I don’t know who’s going to read this or if this person behind the Jessica Hariss name will even see this, but I know I’m thankful for the lesson, and that her comment was became motivation for me not my downfall, so don’t let situations like this that may happen to you be yours…..and Queens Know exactly what I’m saying. Remember they can’t take what they never gave you 👑💭

The Storm is only Temporary …Keep Going Queens

So excited for this weekend open audition, if you’re in the Boston area be sure to come out this weekend to the open auditions ladies! Saturday, April 18, 2015 from 1:00pm – 5:00pm for more info read my blog post prior to this post…

I feel as though it’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post so I thought I would share some of my thoughts and lessons with all my Queens reading:

Lately I’ve been busy (reason why I haven’t blogged in a while) but today at church I had times to reflect on things that have been going on in my life and want to share with you all what I’ve learned. The storm is only temporary and they are usually there to prepare you for your blessing. Just like your short comings can do the same, for the long run. During the storm you realize who is really there for you. (think back to a time where you going through a tough time who was there for you and who was not ) During that time you were able to eliminate the fake people, and all the distractions, that you didn’t know about before the storm. But when things were going good in your life, your vision was not as clear, the fake people in your life weren’t so fake the distractions helped occupy your time. What I learned is that you can’t protect yourself from an enemy you never knew you had. So thank God for the storm and the ability to fall. Because after the storm the sun will shines again and once you fall you can either stay where you are or get up. When you try to change for the better, people from your past will try to remind you of where you were, as if that’s where your suppose to be. If one person is inspired by me and my movement that’s all it takes for me. I am far from perfect Queens, but one thing I learned is that you have to accept you for who you are and change only for the better. Don’t let small minded people tell you that you can’t because they never did. The same people who told me when I was younger I wasn‘t beautiful because of my size are the same people who comment under my picture to tell me how beautiful I am. Don’t let the nay-sayers have control over your dreams, your future or your present. Keep yourself surrounded with people who push you to be better and show you a part of the world you’ve never seen. Life is too short not to Queens….#QueensKnow

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